مقدمة اذاعة بالانجليزي , مقدمة وخاتمة اذاعة بالانجليزي , خاتمة قصيرة بالانجليزي

جملة يمكنك البدء بها :
* In fact ,no one can deny that…..ما يتكلم عنه المقال……is one of the most important matters.Really,this topic is worth discussing.It arouses my interest so much to the extent that I find great pleasure to write about it .

بعض العبارات تساعدك فى الكتابة
* It has great value for us to improve our country to be an advanced country.It helps us be capable of facing the great scientific progress and the challenges of this age.

*We should do every possible effort to defend our country and help it progress.

إذا كان الموضوع عن شئ مفيد فى حياتنا:
-……………is an important thing in our life nowadays.
-………………has got a lot of benefits فوائد to every one ,old or young,man or woman,boy or girl.
-………………is used everywhere by everyone .It has made our life more comfortable and easier than before.
-The grovernment realizes تدرك the importance of……….so it does its best to spread it widely.
-No one can deny that…………plays a wonderful part in the society.
-The……….is the ******** of the age as it is a result of great efforts of great scientists.
-Thanks to بفضل …………..we now on our way to keep up with modern technology.
-So we conclude نستنتج that……….has got a lot of advantages that enable us lead a happy life.
* As a result of all these factors,it is clear that this matter plays a vital and important role in the life of man
and society thus we should care for this matter.

لو كان الموضوع عن شئ ضار او خطير على المجتمع او مشكلة ما:
*No doubt that this is a very dangerous problem that faces us nowadays.It affects everything in our life,so we must do our best and do every way possible to solve it and find an end to it.

-…………….Is a very dangerous problem in our life nowadays.
-Every one realizes that……….has spread so widely that is has become necessary to face it firmly بحزم .
-………….has got a lot of ill effects on our socity.
-Our youth are badly affected by it so, we can’t sit passively نجلس سلبيين without doing any thing to control it.
-It is not the responsibility of the government only yo face…………but it is the responsibility of the political

parties and the individuals as well

I do not know where to start?! Is Ttauni words ?? The words and phrases Taatsagr dwindle but I will try as best I can and hoping that the more satisfactory the Almighty said (say work soon will Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers} [Repentance: 105]


لست أدري من أين أبدا ؟! وهل تطاوعني الكلمات ؟؟ فإن الكلمات تتصاغر والعبارات تتضاءل ولكننى سأحاول قدر استطاعتي وعسى ان اوفق فقد قال تعالى(وَقُلِ اعْمَلُوا فَسَيَرَى اللَّهُ عَمَلَكُمْ وَرَسُولُهُ وَالْمُؤْمِنُونَ} [التوبة:105]

Finally, after analyzing the elements and subject Fany find pleasure
As I write this subject but I truly mo Ove
Said the poet
And Muckle word in my words Suffice
And Muckle meaning in Guli Aredany provided ‘Praise be to Allah who gave me a mind thinker and tongue-speaking express Beah what is going on my mind about this interesting topic that I wished to talk about (the topic name) “Conclusion” I wish to God Almighty that I obtained Ajabkm van you hit it from God but missed it and the devil

وأخيرا ً وبعد تحليل العناصر والموضوع فاءنى اجد لذة
وانا اكتب هذا الموضوع لكننى لمو اوفية حقة
فقد قال الشاعر
وماكل لفظ فى كلامى يكفينى
وماكل معنى فى قولى يرضينى المقدمة’ الحمدلله الذي وهبني عقلا مفكرا ولسانا ناطقا اعبر بيه عما يدور بخاطري تجاه هذا الموضوع الشيق الذي تمنيت ان اتحدث فيه (اسم الموضوع) “الخاتمة” اتمني من الله العلي القدير ان اكون نلت اعجابكم فان اصبت فانه من عند الله وان اخطات فانه ومن الشيطان


The splendor of the statement and charm talk to who are incapable of expression in this area because a lot occur and was surrounded by pens most of the time, and I am but a drop in the ocean trying to borrow the eloquence of speech and charming performance and splendor of the statement to express everything in my chest and pronounce him my feelings and it is my pleasure to get around Pfchri and mental speaking in this topic Caúq which is one of the topics pm the subject (subject) of the vital issues that must be on all of us to express the opinion and thus crystallize ideas and keep in mind a vision of the topic and summary mind, it is no doubt that.


إن روعة البيان وسحر الكلام ليعجزان عن التعبير في هذا المجال لأنه تحدث فيه الكثير وطوقته الأقلام أكثر من مرة وما أنا إلا قطرة في بحر أحاول أن أستعير بلاغة القول وسحرا لأداء وروعة البيان لأعبر عن كل ما في صدري وتنطق به مشاعري وإنه ليسعدني أن أجول بفكري وعقلي متحدثاً في هذا الموضوع الشائق الذي يعتبر من موضوعات الساعة فموضوع ( اسم الموضوع ) من الموضوعات الحيوية التي يجب على كل منا التعبير فيه برأيه وبذلك تتبلور الأفكار ونضع نصب أعيننا تصوراً للموضوع وخلاصة الأذهان فإنه مما لاشك فيه أن.

n the end, I can only say that I have offered my opinion and I Pfkurti in this topic for Ali I have been able to write it and express it and finally I am but human beings have been mistaken was injured, the you’ve missed Fargo Msamehta if you have had it all is what I ask from God Almighty .


وفي النهاية لا أملك إلا أن أقول أنني قد عرضت رأيي وأدليت بفكرتي في هذا الموضوع لعلي أكون قد وفقت في كتابته والتعبير عنه وأخيراً ما أنا إلا بشر قد أخطئ وقد أصيب فإن كنت قد أخطأت فأرجو مسامحتي وإن كنت قد أصبت فهذا كل ما أرجوه من الله عزوجل.